As those of you who attended know, the Class of 65 50th Reunion was a huge success!
Friday night at Togi's gave everyone a chance to warm up for the big event!  A huge thanks to Bill Huber for organizing the evening.
The Reunion was fantastic!  We partyed & danced like it was 1965!  Although,  some of us paid for it the next day, it was well worth it! (could hardly walk)
The Reunion Committee wants to thank all of those who helped make it possible & successful.  Without the help & support of so many we couldn't have pulled it off.
Thanks for all the donations.  We greatly appreciate all the support. 
We have decided to keep the website up & running for the next 5 years.  So, if anyone wants to check in, they can keep updated.  If you are moving or are looking for anyone from our class, you may find them on here.
The photos won't be ready for a few weeks as the photographer has a ill close family member.  
We are talking about an unofficial yearly reunion in Bradford.  If anyone interested let us know.  No details as of yet,  but it will be a just show up somewhere to catch up with old friends.
Cheryl Diane Snyder Lapallo & Mikki Wilson Huss have "retired" from the committee.
Without Cheryl Diane's fantastic records & treasurer abilities & help, we would never have been  as successful in putting together such a fabulous event!  Thanks so much for everything, Cheryl!  
Please keep in touch!