When the present reunion committee started working on our 40th, there was a balance of $1,965.69 in an account.  With a lot of hard work and fund raising efforts, we were able to increase our revenues.

2005, 40th Reunion
Our revenue increased to $9,582.94, with expenses of $8,216.61 (which includes two scholarships for $1,000 each totaling $2,000, and purchasing a $600 CD), leaving a balance of $1,366.33 in our savings account.

2010, 45th Reunion
Our revenue was $6,327.14 with expenses of $6,254.09.  The total in our savings account and two CD's was $5,550.39. 

Our committee's goal is to offer our fellow '65 alumi free tickets to the 50th reunion in 2015.  As we all know, prices are constantly increasing.  Our reunion costs are reflecting  these increases.  In order to offer free tickets and have a healthy balance left over for future reunions, we have set up a Donations page to raise $5,000 for a Class of '65 Reunion Fund. If we can reach this goal, tickets prices will be reimbursed for classmates only on the night of the event.

This website makes it easy for you to purchase tickets online and to contribute to our Reunion Fund.  Credit cards are accepted online, and checks can also be mailed in.

We are looking forward to the BAHS Class of '65, 50th Reunion, "The Homecoming." It will be a time of reconnecting with classmates and celebrating life-long friendships! 
Please be generous in your support! 

"See You In September"